10 Best & Worst Candies for Children's Teeth (PHOTOS)

kids trick-or-treatingKeeping kids from bingeing on candy during and after trick-or-treating is almost as hard as preventing squirrels from eating your jack-o'-lanterns

But not all Halloween candy is created equal when it comes to keeping children's teeth healthy. Some treats you may find inside your children's plastic pumpkins or pillowcases may be worse for their mouths than others.

Cosmetic dentist Dr. Timothy Chase explains that while you don't want to be the parent who ruins Halloween, knowing what kind of candy your kids are popping can be key when it comes to helping them stay healthy and cavity-free.


Going through children's loot, separating the least and worst offenders, and then remembering to eat in moderation, are all ways to keep little teeth in good shape, according to Chase, a practicing partner at SmilesNY. 

And when it comes to washing down all those sweets, the dentist says water is your best bet. According to a study published in the Journal of Dentistry, when children indulge in sugary beverages with high acidity, having them brush their teeth to remove the sugar and acid from the surface isn’t enough -- even if they do it within the hour. The damage has already been done, research suggests.

So which candies should you recommend your little ghosts and goblins gobble up this season? Check out our slideshow ranked from worst to best candy choices for your babies' little mouths, and then tell us: Is it possible to steer your child toward healthier choices on the biggest candy holiday of the year? 


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