'Vomiting Pumpkins': The Halloween Decorations We'd Die Without (PHOTOS)

Adriana Velez | Oct 24, 2014 Food & Party
'Vomiting Pumpkins': The Halloween Decorations We'd Die Without (PHOTOS)

vomiting pumpkin

How can something so gross be so adorable? I'm talking about vomiting jack-o'-lanterns, puking pumpkins. You carve your pumpkin, save the seeds and goop -- then you arrange the gunk so it looks like it's pouring out of your jack-o'-latern's mouth. EWW! But the seeds-and-strings trick is just the beginning. There are so many fun variations on this Halloween decoration idea, it's sick.

vomiting pumpkin

Which is your favorite? See them all and tell us!


Images © iStock.com/tshortell, © iStock.com/nantela

  • The Classic Vomiting Pumpkin


    Image via JD Hancock/Flickr

    Here you go, the classic puking pumpkin. You'll want to make sure you carve a mouth that actually looks like it's vomiting: Open, no teeth, corners pulled down. Poor thing! It ate way too much Halloween candy.

  • Drunk Pumpkin


    Image © iStock.com/graemenicholson

    This is maybe the less child-friendly version of the idea. This pumpkin's nausea was apparently caused by a night of excess. You're drunk, Jack! Go home.

  • Pumpkin Guacamole Server


    Image via Amee's Savory Dish

    Something about guacamole makes it a perfect stand-in for vomit. Is it the color? This cute Halloween party food arrangment with a pumpkin vomiting guacamole is just the right amount of gross and funny.

  • Pumpkin Eyes


    Image © iStock.com/tabithablue

    Another pumpkin vomiting guacamole! We love the way the eyes were carved as if the poor thing is in anguish. This makes the trick even more effective.

  • Nacho Ordinary Pumpkin


    Image via maribellah_/Instagram

    Here's the nachos version of the vomiting pumpkin. So cute! And tasty.

  • Pumpkin Candy Dish


    Image via ILovetoCreate.com

    If the guacamole or nachos are too lurid for you, try creating a candy-vomiting pumpkin. I Love to Create has instructions for building one with a foam pumpkin, but you could probably adapt it with a real pumpkin.

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  • Puking Pumpkin in Science Class


    Image via TerrificScienceStaff/YouTube

    We love this crazy, chemical- and vapor-filled pumpkin in this classroom science demonstration. But what IS the secret ingredient? Our guess is hydrogen peroxide with potassium iodine.

  • Sump Pump Pumpkin


    Image via jlfonz/YouTube

    One man has a sump pump running under constantly -- so he used it to create this funny vomiting pumpkin decoration. Clever!

  • How to Ruin a Pumpkin Pie


    Image © iStock.com/cislander

    No, not on the pie! NOOOOOO!!!! We aren't sure how the seeds taste on the pie, but it sure does LOOK awesome, right?

  • Puking Pumpkin: A Cautionary Tale


    Image via Kenward/Flickr

    Set this out as a warning to your kids: This could be YOU if you try to eat all your Halloween candy in one night!


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