Halloween Banana Ghosts & Clementine Pumpkins Are So Kid-Friendly, You'll Die (PHOTOS)

Clementine pumpkins

Most of us parents spend a large part of October searching for the perfect, healthy Halloween treat. It's exhausting, really. The children are given countless bits of candy and chocolate, enough to rot their teeth and keep them up all night. To combat that, we offer them apples or bananas or pumpkin everything that simply can't compete with the delicious flavor of a Snickers bar.

Until now.

May we present: banana ghosts and clementine pumpkins. A photo of these adorable treats went viral last year and took Pinterest by storm -- and suddenly it seemed like every mom was making them.

They are incredibly simple -- just halved bananas with three chocolate chips each are needed for the former, while peeled clementines and chopped celery are all you need for the latter. Kids love to make, then eat them. They are a huge score for their class Halloween parties and are the after-trick-or-treating snack you've been dreaming of to divert their attention away from all.that.candy.

Clementine pumpkins

The other afternoon, my older children, who are 6 and 7, set out to make these with me. In minutes, we were done. The result? Well, look at the photos -- I mean, can you get any more adorable, simple, or healthy than this in the same snack? See how to do this with your own kids, below, and then tell us:

What's your family's favorite healthy Halloween treat?


Images via Sasha Brown-Worsham