10 Foods You Can Eat Safely Past the Expiration Dates

carton of eggs

Nobody likes wasting food. But sometimes, maybe too often, we just don't get around to eating something by the time its "best is used by" date rolls around. Hopefully you're not confusing that with the "sell-by" date, which is usually means you have another week or so to eat. 

Something to keep in mind: "Best if used by" dates have more to do with the food's quality than its safety. "Use by," on the other hand, usually means you should consume the food before that date, as explained by public health and safety organization NSF International.

hunk of cheddar cheese

But even so, just because a food has "expired" past that printed date doesn't necessarily mean it's unsafe to eat. There are a few exceptions -- and if you're aware of them, you can avoid wasting both food and money.


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