Couple Leaves Gigantic Tip for LOUSY Service

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Hey, want to hear another story about generous diners? SUPER! So this couple left a huuuuge tip and -- wait, why are your eyes glazing over? You have to hear the whole story! We SWEAR this one is different from the others.

Here's why: This couple left a $100 tip for lousy service.

You read that right. Bad service, 150 percent tip. Why'd they do it? Well, that's the really cool part.


Mackenzie and Steven Schultz shared a photo of their bill in a Facebook post. Ms. Schultz says it took 20 minutes to get water, 40 minutes to get their appetizers, and over an hour to get their entrees. That's enough to enrage any diner. Some might even walk out somewhere between the app and the entree. But not this couple.

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The thing is, Ms. Schultz explains, the restaurant was vastly understaffed and their server was working 12 tables. A DOZEN! So no wonder it took them so long to get everything. And as former restaurant servers themselves, the Schultzes could relate to their waiter's predicament.

Instead of getting angry, they dug deep and found some compassion.

100 tip

Pretty cool, right?

I think it's easy to hear a story like this and think, Oh, well, I'm not a jerk. I would be just as understanding as the Schultzes! But would you, really? I'll be the first to admit, I'm not so sure I would be. I am constantly suffering lapses in compassion. And when I'm hungry? MS. HULK SMASH TABLE WHEN NOT GET FOOD FAST ENOUGH.

But this inspires me to do better. And that's why Mackenzie and Steven posted their receipt. It wasn't to boast of their generosity, but to remind us all to be more understanding of our fellow human beings, especially when we least feel like it.

Honestly -- how do you usually respond when the service is super slow at a restaurant?


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