Olive Garden's Favorite Customer Hands Applebee's an Unforgettable Review

Some folks moan and groan when big-chain restaurants find their way into their community. But one 88-year-old woman from Grand Forks, North Dakota, is reminding us that good food can be found everywhere -- Michelin stars be damned.

Marilyn Hagerty catapulted to Internet fame in 2012 after she wrote a glowing review of the Olive Garden that had just opened up in her neighborhood. She called it the "largest and most beautiful restaurant in town" and scored herself a sweet book deal and several TV appearances because she unapologetically focused on a restaurant that most probably wouldn't think of reviewing.

Well, I'm happy to report that Hagerty is back with another review. This time, she has taken on Applebee's in a piece she calls, "Applebee's: A Salad to Remember."


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Hagerty dined at the restaurant with her friend Merrilee Brown (MB) and says they couldn't stop talking about the Chicken Oriental Salad, which she hailed as "one of those things you remember."

She then advised customers to stick with the half-size version of the salad, which is priced at $8.59, because the regular size is $9.99 and "you don't need that."

After describing the Applebee's in complete detail and sharing how smart patrons know to order two full size entrees and one appetizer to share, I'm afraid Hagerty didn't seem to know what else to say about it. She credits their server for her friendly, non-intrusive manner, but finds fault with the overall menu, calling it "extensive" and saying it "takes study if you are not a regular here."

She's got a point.

Hagerty wraps up her review with the statement "rest rooms are good."

So, what we've got here is an off-the-chart review of one of Applebee's salads and a lukewarm opinion about some of its other claims to fame.

Hagerty says she is aware of the fact that some people are making fun of her but that she doesn't care. Good for her! She owes it to her adoring fans to take on Starbucks, IHOP, and -- oh god, please -- Hooters.

Which restaurants would you like Hagerty to review next?


Image via Mike Mozart/Flickr

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