11 Free Supermarket Services You Might Not Know Exist (PHOTOS)

Liz Alterman | Oct 7, 2014 Food & Party
11 Free Supermarket Services You Might Not Know Exist (PHOTOS)

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Do you sometimes feel as if you live at the grocery store? Does it also seem like you leave your (or your husband's) paycheck there? If so, maybe it's time to look into what your supermarket can offer you in return. There are plenty of opportunities to benefit from free services stores provide.

Whether you're in need of some dietary advice or a floral centerpiece, consider making your supermarket your first choice.

The following are 11 free services you may not know exist!

We love #5. Check out our slideshow and tell us: Which services do you take advantage of on a regular basis? 

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  • Butchering


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    Cooking a big dinner and need a tenderloin trimmed and sliced? How about a lamb boned and butterflied? Your supermarket butcher will be happy to help you. Call ahead to make sure he or she is in and then make that your first stop. While you shop, your meat will be sliced to your specifications. 

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  • Meet With a Dietitian


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    Many grocery stores are now offering shoppers a chance to meet with a registered dietitian to learn about improving their diets and, ultimately, their health. Some will take shoppers on a guided tour of the store to introduce them to new foods they may not have tried or know how to cook. 

  • Catering


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    If you have an event coming up and need some help in the catering department, give your supermarket deli a call. Often, prices are more affordable than some smaller shops. Some will even offer free delivery if you are catering for a school or other non-profit event! 

  • Shop by Phone or Online


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    If you feel particularly pressed for time and don't want to spend an hour strolling up and down the aisles, consider phoning it in. Your order that is. Or place it online. Then just pull up and your groceries will be waiting for you!

    You can also have them delivered to your door. Some grocery stores do charge for this, but they usually offer a free trial or an initial discount that covers the cost. Free shipping right to your doorstep is available on some bulk items. 

  • Sliced-to-Order Deli Goods


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    Some supermarkets nowadays let you order your deli meats and cheeses in advance. That's right -- no more long waits at the deli counter. Simply call in your order or do it online, and your sliced-to-order deli goods are waiting for you when you arrive. 

  • Bakery


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    Sometimes when you're running all over in preparation for a party, the last thing you want to do is make another stop. Consider ordering a custom cake right from your grocer's bakery. They often have a wide selection of decorations and, again, can be pretty affordable!

  • Floral Arrangements


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    Whether you're planning a party or even a wedding, your supermarket may be able to provide some stunning floral arrangements and much lower prices than your traditional florist. If you're simply picking up a bouquet, many floral departments will add ferns and wrap them beautifully at no extra charge. 

  • Blood Pressure Screening


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    If you're pretty sure your blood pressure is rising when you're on the express line behind someone with 72 items, you can actually get a free reading at some stores. Save yourself a trip to the doctor's office and check it out while you're shopping. 

  • Balloon Bouquets


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    Let's get back to good old one-stop-shopping. Balloon bouquets are available through most floral departments. Order a day or two in advance and pick up your bunch while you're getting other supplies. 

  • Helping Hand After Checkout


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    Seniors or those with a disability can request help with bagging their groceries, transporting them to the car, and even loading them into the trunk. Ask at the customer service desk before you shop and someone will be waiting to assist you.

  • Food Demonstrations


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    Sometimes just while walking around, you can learn how to make shrimp scampi or the perfect panini. In-store food demonstrations are a great way to sample new foods and figure out how to re-create them at home.

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