20 Delicious Crock-Pot Recipes for Fast Fall Dinners

Adriana Velez | Oct 1, 2014 Food & Party

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For people who are looking for easy, fall dinner ideas, we've got it covered! Crock-pot recipes are the best because they're low-maintenance and it's still possible to get things done while preparing dinner for the family. They are especially perfect for fall since this is probably the busiest time of year for most families. With school, sports, other activities, work, and appointments, it's sometimes a miracle to just get the family together for a meal. 

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Crock-pot recipes vary so much, for dinner alone there are tons of possibilities. Something light, like a good soup, might do the trick one night and then something with more protein, like pork, may be good another night. Being able to throw a bunch of ingredients together, leave it alone, and have it come out tasting delicious is just so convenient. 

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Something cheesy, something saucy, or something juicy -- it can all be found on this list. In addition to a regular dinner, these meals also make great options for family gatherings like a football game or Thanksgiving. 

Here are 20 fast, fall-inspired dinners that can be made with a crock-pot. 

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