Red Wine May Be As Good for You As Exercise, Says the Best News EVER

red wine
If you ever skip the gym to stay home and sip red wine instead, you can stop feeling guilty.

In case you missed it, a study by researchers at the University of Alberta that's making the rounds again shows that red wine may be just as good for you as exercise -- along with nuts and grapes. Wait, what?

That's because all three contain resveratrol, which aids bone, muscle, and heart functions in the same way a vigorous workout does.

That's music to my ears. If you're like me, you're probably thinking, "Pass the corkscrew and cashews!"


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But not so fast. Although resveratrol acted as an antioxidant when tested on rodents, there's more work to be done before doctors put down their prescription pads and send you to the wine store instead of the pharmacy.

While red wine has been linked to lowering risk of colon cancer, Type 2 Diabetes, and cataracts, the key is moderation -- as in one glass with dinner, not the entire bottle.

Though it's often touted as a way to prevent blood clots and reduce "bad cholesterol," additional research is needed before vino can be recommended as "heart smart," say researchers at the Mayo Clinic

Oh, well. It's fun to think about anyway, right? Imagine packing away those yoga pants and sitting down with a nice Cabernet and feeling just as good about your choice! 

I think plenty of moms would agree that after a long day, putting your feet up with a single glass of red wine can make you feel just as relaxed as a strenuous workout. And that's got to be good for your health, right? 

Do you believe in the health benefits of red wine? 

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