Random Chick-fil-A Customer Generously Pays for 88 Meals in the Drive-Thru


Who says there's no such thing as a free lunch? A customer with plenty of extra cash decided to treat his fellow Chick-fil-A drive-thru customers to a meal on Monday at a West Texas location of the fast-food chain. 

The man, identified only as "John," handed over 10 $100 bills and told employees he wanted to pick up the tab for the diners behind him until his entire $1,000 was spent. Want to guess how many diners didn't have to bust out their wallets? According to the location's owner, Brian LaCroix, people in the next 88 vehicles benefited from this stranger's generosity.

Pretty nice, huh?


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LaCroix told an NBC affiliate that many customers were "shocked" and "puzzled," while one who was having a particularly bad day was reduced to tears.

Can you imagine? As great as this man's gesture is, it's kind of sad that this act of kindness is so overwhelming to so many. Is it because we're all so busy, distracted, and bombarded by bad news that when someone goes out of their way to help another, it truly stuns us?

I know sometimes when I'm running errands, I'm just happy if someone holds the door at the post office for my kids and me rather than letting it close on us (especially when I was pushing a stroller!). Or, when I allow my children to steer the shopping cart at the grocery store, I'm grateful when someone doesn't give them a nasty look for holding up traffic. 

What this man did is amazing, don't get me wrong. But on average each car received $11.36 of free food, not really a life-changing amount. Yet it's the gesture, and the fact that he thought of these other people and wanted to brighten their otherwise dreary Monday, that cause us to say, "Wow!" 

For me, this story is a great reminder that doing a little (or in this case big) something extra for someone can change the whole trajectory of his or her day. While I might not have $1,000 to spend, I can certainly spare a smile and a kind word or hold a door open. And maybe that's a start. 

Have you ever had a stranger positively impact your day?

Image @Owaki-Kulla/Corbis

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