10 Divorce Cakes to Make the End of Marriage a Little Sweeter (PHOTOS)

Adriana Velez | Oct 5, 2014 Food & Party

divorce cakeBefore we get into this story about divorce cakes, we want to offer this disclaimer: We are NOT saying divorce is something to celebrate. We're just saying: The whole process can be a draining, exhausting slog, and you can't blame a woman for wanting to rejoice when it's settled.

I know when my own divorce is finalized, I am definitely getting myself a tasty and well-earned dessert. But not just any old dessert. I'm talking about a divorce cake. It's like a wedding cake but it's for ... the other thing. The end of a marriage.

Sounds politically incorrect and offensive, you say? Okay, fine. But we have elaborate, beautifully crafted cakes for every other big life event ... Why shouldn't divorce have its day in the sun too? It's just a little treat to commemorate another milestone, something to sweeten a bitter experience. Check out these 11 inspiring divorce cake creations!

Click through the slideshow below, then tell us: Would you EVER dream of getting a cake like #7, divorce or no divorce?!

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Image © iStock.com/liveslow, © iStock.com/ClarkandCompany

  • Put Your Best Foot Forward -- Ouch!


    Image via Peridot Sweets

    The cake is all about putting your best foot forward as you step into your new life. With a little style and a lot of sugar! Oops, watch out for your ex! (Peridot Sweets, Las Vegas, Nevada)

  • We're Splitting Up


    Image via Stephanie Palmieri, Three Cups Flour

    I love it -- the little bride and groom toppers are so adorable. But that hatchet, yikes! What a metaphor. (Stephanie Palmieri of Three Cups Flour, San Carlos, California)

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  • Upside-Down


    Because divorce turns your world, your wedding, and your marriage upside-down. Get it? Seriously, doing a layered cake in the reverse this way is no easy feat. And don't miss the little groom's legs sticking out from the bottom, a brilliant touch. (Elite Cake Creations, Cooper City, Florida)

  • Make Your Own Divorce Cake


    Image © iStock.com/foodandwinephotography

    Honestly, a divorce cake doesn't have to be that complicated. You could just take a regular wedding cake with bride and groom toppers and split it in half ... like this one! So simple, yet so ... brilliant.

  • Divorce Fantasy


    Image via Fiona Brook, Cakes By No More Tiers

    This is a beautifully crafted divorce cake with, of all things, a Steampunk theme! Love what the little sign on it says! How clever! Respect. (Fiona Brook of Cakes by No More Tiers, York, England)

  • Just the Groom


    Image via Bill Crawford/Twitter

    This groom-only dessert looks like a simple but classy wedding cake sliced in half to make a divorce cake. It was a gift from the divorced guy's friends. Notice the creative placement of the icing writing!

  • Beheaded Bride


    Image via Cannibal Cakes

    Sometimes divorce cakes get a little gory. No one is literally recommending a beheading, here (we hope!). Just a little gallows humor for someone who's been through a lot of pain! Note: Divorce cake shown here can double as crowd-pleasing Halloween dessert (cue wicked, spooky laughter). (Cannibal Cakes, Emporia, Kansas)

  • I Don't!


    Image via Becky Morrison, Becky's Wedding Cakes

    This topsy-turvy divorce cake is another impressive upside-down wedding cake. Marriage: It's a balancing act, right? Well, so is life after divorce! Our question: How do they get it to lean perfectly without toppling completely? Answer: Very delicately! (Becky Morrison of Becky's Wedding Cakes, East Wenatchee, Washington)

  • Broken Ball & Chain


    Image via Rhea B/Twitter

    The broken ball and chain is a common theme for divorce cakes. Gets the idea across clearly, doesn't it? Freedom is delicious.

  • Happy Divorce!


    Image via chellebearx/Instagram

    "Finally," this Instagrammer says, "10 months later!!" I feel ya, lady. Mine has taken over two years. But aww, what a lovely cake! Why, on first glance, it looks like one of those Valentine's heart-shaped cookie cakes that ... OH. We get it now! Bet this marriage between giant cookie and cake is going to turn out much better than her actual marriage did. Congratulations!

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