14 Crock-Pot Dinners Kids Can Serve Themselves

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Ever have those days when the need to tell the kids "Leave me and my dinner alone!" was overwhelming? I think we all know how that would end up: They'd grab themselves a nice, big bowl of ice cream and be done with it. But the next best thing is a slow-cooker meal all ready to go by the time the kids want to eat -- one they can literally serve themselves. Magic! Self-serve meals are truly the next wave in family-friendly cooking. Less mess = less stress for busy moms. 


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Stuck doing dinner duty before soccer games, art club, cello practice, and swimming lessons? These self-serve Crock-Pot recipes are also handy if the children are coming and going at different times, which is a reality for a lot of families -- especially during the school year. We all wish we had kids who were a little more helpful when it comes to cooking and cleaning, but the reality is that most cooking tasks are too dangerous for even some of our bigger kids. Crock-Pots are one of the most handy kitchen tools to have around. They are set-it and forget-it easy, can make even the cheapest cut of meat tasty, and when the food is ready, all kids have to do is lift the lid (with a potholder!) and grab a spoonful. Check out these 14 great kid-friendly Crock-Pot dinners any mom can have ready and waiting for the brood when they're hungry.


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