11 Easy Popcorn Balls Recipes for Fall Parties (PHOTOS)

Liz Alterman | Oct 6, 2014 Food & Party
11 Easy Popcorn Balls Recipes for Fall Parties (PHOTOS)

Popcorn balls

Here's a perfect fall project for those little helping hands that don't mind getting sticky: popcorn balls. Popcorn on its own -- yum! Now add in your favorite flavors and roll them into an easy-to-hold tasty treat and you've got a real winner! From marshmallow and caramel to chocolate and candy-coating, you can do just about anything with these fun snacks! 

And just in time for all those autumn birthday and Halloween parties, we've put together the best popcorn balls recipes in 11 delicious fall flavors.

What's your favorite flavor to incorporate into your popcorn balls?

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  • Pumpkin Popcorn Ball


    Image via SomewhatSimple.com

    How adorable are these little pumpkin popcorn balls? Ashleigh, a baking contributor at SomewhatSimple.com, shared how she and her three children create this go-to edible craft, ideal for fall. Don't you love the Tootsie Roll stems?

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  • Candy Apple Popcorn Balls


    Image via CountryCleaver.com

    Yum! These candy apple popcorn balls, shared by Megan at CountryCleaver.com, are as colorful as they are delicious. The hardest part about this recipe is waiting for them to cool so you can eat them! 

  • Halloween Marshmallow Popcorn Ball


    Image via BargainBriana.com

    Marshmallows are the not-so-secret ingredient that holds these festive popcorn balls together. Briana of BargainBriana.com used a popcorn baller to help make the treats so perfectly round. Decorate the dessert with any of your favorite fall-themed toppings and enjoy!

  • M&M Popcorn Balls


    Image via MomAlwaysFindsOut

    We agree with Nicole at MomAlwaysFindsOut.com who says that popcorn balls are a fun way to make everyone’s favorite snack into a special treat.

    Covered in colorful candy, these make great party favors too!

  • Fall Popcorn Balls


    Image via The Weary Chef

    Andi at The Weary Chef enjoys making these festive fall popcorn balls as a way to usher in the back-to-school season. Her secret: Allow the popcorn balls to cool before attaching candy to avoid it cracking! Thanks, Andi!

  • Caramel Marshmallow Popcorn Balls


    Image via SimplyGloria.com

    Gloria of SimplyGloria.com shares one of her favorite childhood recipes for "Sticky Popcorn," as she and her sister called it. Now she makes it for her own kids and they love it! 

    "Each piece of the popped popcorn is covered inside and out with the creamy, caramel-y, marshmallow-y, and sticky mixture," she notes.


  • Spooky Popcorn Ball Witches


    Image via BullocksBuzz.com

    Ok, these popcorn balls are not for the faint of heart. Not only are the witches super spooky, they're a bit more labor intensive. But the pay-off is totally worth it, not to mention delicious! 

    Alaina of Bullock's Buzz created an easy-to-follow, step-by-step tutorial to help bring these tasty littles witches to life. 

  • Bloody Popcorn Brains


    Lorraine at NotQuiteNigella.com shared her super-creepy and colorful recipe for creating bloody popcorn brains. Raspberry or strawberry jam give these that eerie blood clot garnish that's sure to spook and delight your guests this Halloween.

  • Peanut Butter Popcorn Balls


    Image via Debbie Koenig

    If you've got peanut butter fanatics in your house like I do, these popcorn balls are for you! These treats are easy and nutritious. Creator Debbie Koenig suggests using natural peanut butter and adding dried fruits of your choice. Yum!

  • White Chocolate Cranberry Popcorn Balls


    Image via Zestuous.com

    White chocolate chips and craisins make these popcorn balls really pop! (Pun intended!) Chef Christie at Zestuous.com shared her easy, delicious, and colorful recipe that guests crave all year long. 

  • Chocolate Covered Caramel Popcorn Balls


    Image via Diethood

    Katrina at Diethood shared her recipe for these festive and yummy-looking popcorn balls. She even lets readers in on her secret to getting great caramel coating in a flash! Thanks, Katrina!

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