13 Precious Desserts in a Mug That Are Deceptively Easy to Make (PHOTOS)

Adriana Velez | Sep 11, 2014 Food & Party

cakes in cups

I confess, I don't bake very often. Don't get me wrong -- I love cookies, pie, cupcakes, and what-have-you. I just never want a WHOLE batch of them. I just want one little treat for me, maybe two if my son is home with me. That's all!

So it's a darn good thing someone invented desserts in a mug. That's a dessert you cook right inside a mug or cup, usually in your microwave. And they take just a few, short minutes to make! How much do we love desserts-in-a-mug? Oh, about 13 ways, to be exact! Here are 13 of our favorite dessert-in-a-mug recipes for you to try your own sweet self. Indulgence is just a stir and a zap away ... and the kids' reaction is the icing on the cake. So to speak.

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