NFL Player LeSean McCoy Shouldn't Be Shamed for His Cheap Restaurant Tip

change left for server tip

Everyone is at risk of being called out on social media these days, but if you're rich, famous, and play for the NFL, well, you really better watch your back. That's the hard lesson Philadelphia Eagles running back LeSean McCoy had to learn this week after a Philly burger restaurant called PYT posted a photo of McCoy's receipt to their Facebook page.

The post is an apparent attempt to publicly shame McCoy, as it turns out he left only a 20-cent tip for his server.

Check it out.


Post by PYT.

Ouch. Guess this burger joint isn't in the business of beating around the bush!

But as infuriated as the server may have been about his or her 20-cent tip, and as nasty (or clueless!) as that may initially sound, publicly shaming a customer for undertipping is totally uncalled for. Not to mention that this restaurant is cutting off their nose to spite their face with this. Why would anyone who is well-known -- locally or otherwise -- feel comfortable dining there now? Even a regular Joe Shmoe might be at risk!

Further, who is to say that the server is always right? Yes, lots of diners are picky, high-maintenance jerks. But at the same time, plenty of servers fail to do their job, are unapologetic when something goes wrong, have a bad attitude, etc.

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And although some restaurant managers pay their workers a barely livable wage, assuming they'll make up for it in tips, a 15-20 percent tip isn't obligatory. If you're displeased by the service you received, you shouldn't feel pressured to still shell out that tip. And just because you happen to be a pro football player, whose fat salary is common knowledge, you shouldn't be held to an even higher standard of tipping, regardless of what sort of experience you had.

Ultimately, I say we give McCoy the benefit of the doubt here. Considering that the restaurant is run by people who actually thought it appropriate to post McCoy's receipt on Facebook, I wouldn't be at all surprised if the measly 20-cent tip is all someone working for this shady joint earned.

Have you ever tipped less than 15 percent? Why?


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