Make Your Own Donuts in 7 Easy Steps (PHOTOS)

make your own donuts

My grandmother could cook or bake almost anything, and she made it all look effortless. Even donuts! While I've always wanted to try to make them myself, I was a little intimidated. 

Could they really be as simple as Nonna made them look? Guess what? The answer is yes! They are that easy ... and delicious. While I might not be ready to take on my local donut shop just yet, these gooey pastries are a fun, simple alternative to a traditional weekend breakfast.


Here's what you'll need:

Equal parts vegetable and olive oil: enough to fill 2 inches in a frying pan

Pre-made pizza dough (find it in the refrigerated section of your grocery store or pick it up at your fave pizza shop)

Milk chocolate, cinnamon and sugar, sprinkles, or any toppings you crave

Tools: rolling pin, large and small circular cookie cutters, frying pan, cooling rack

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Have you ever made your own donuts? 

Image @ChristineScheinder/Corbis

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