Build Your Own Burger Recipe With These 35 Sizzling Topping Combos

burger and friesAny hamburger lover rejoices at the mention of Labor Day. Because obviously, the upcoming holiday traditionally means cooking up all manner of flame-grilled delights -- and then relishing in eating them. Sometimes a lot of them.

We're getting hungry just thinking about it.

It's really no wonder that burgers are such a no-fail crowd-pleaser, considering how they're basically a blank canvas where you can "paint on" your favorite toppings. As much as we all love the basic ketchup, lettuce, and tomato variety, you can also jazz up your classic burger just a bit with those old favorites or get creative and bold with some other, more daring customized burger toppings. No matter which you choose, they're all guaranteed to make your tastebuds sing.

Here's the fastest way to throw together the burger of your dreams, with the perfect combo of toppings.


The Perfect Basic Burger from


1 egg

1/2 teaspoon salt

1/2 teaspoon ground black pepper    

1 pound ground beef (or turkey, depending on your preference)

1/2 cup fine dry bread crumbs 


Preheat an outdoor grill for high heat and lightly oil grate.

In a medium bowl, whisk together egg, salt and pepper. Place ground beef and bread crumbs into the mixture. With hands or a fork, mix until well blended. Form into 4 patties approximately 3/4 inch thick.

Place patties on the prepared grill. Cover and cook 6 to 8 minutes per side, or to desired doneness.

Then, the fun of building your custom-made burger begins! Here, 10 topping combos to try ... 

1. Cheese of your choice (try cheddar or Muenster for a change ... or, of course, do American if you can't bear to part with it!), lettuce, tomato, pickles, and your favorite condiment, such as ketchup, mustard, mayo, or all of the above! Throw on a little extra salt, pepper, and other seasonings you like to give it the flavor you like best.

2. A hot sauce (like sriracha), pepper jack cheese, and jalapenos -- for the spice fan!

3. Mozzarella cheese, marinara sauce, and grilled mushrooms (or similar typical pizza toppings) for the pizza lover

4. Blue cheese and BBQ sauce, if you're also a fan of wings

5. Avocado, Swiss cheese, and sprouts (or the current darling of the greens world, kale!) for a California burger

6. Bacon, sour cream, cheddar cheese, and chives, like a baked potato

7. Hummus, feta cheese, and olive tapenade for Mediterranean flair

8. Garlic aioli and caramelized onions for a gourmet burger

9. Fried egg and bacon, for the breakfast lover

10. Melted Manchego cheese, caramelized onions, and olives for a Spanish gourmet twist

Or any of these 25 more burger toppings guaranteed to nip just about any craving in the bud.

What burger toppings are your fave?


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