8 Dinner Shortcuts Using a Rotisserie Chicken

Liz Alterman | Aug 29, 2014 Food & Party

rotisserie chickenWhat mom doesn't love a shortcut? And there's nothing better than one that saves you time in the kitchen! 

While take-out is always tempting, when you're hungry and in a hurry, before you reach for those menus, let me share my secret ingredient for whipping up a delicious dinner in half the time: the rotisserie chicken

This classic staple, most often sold in that futuristic-looking plastic bubble, has become my best friend on busy evenings. As yummy as it is versatile, a ready-to-eat roasted chicken can give you a well-deserved head start when you need it most (like when your kids are chanting, "When's dinner?").

Another thing I love about it: minimal clean-up. But here's a tip I learned the hard way: If you want your guests to think you spent the whole afternoon in front of the stove basting your bird, be sure to dispose of its packaging before they arrive!

Here are 8 ways to jump-start dinner using a rotisserie chicken.  

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How do you make the most of a rotisserie chicken?

Image via iStock.com/WarrenPrice