5 Crock-Pot Comfort Food Recipes for Cozy Family Dinners All Week (PHOTOS)

Liz Alterman | Sep 7, 2014 Food & Party

With autumn fast approaching, moms everywhere are switching gears from planning warm-weather meals like grilled burgers and summery salads to easy, hearty comfort food dinners that practically cook themselves on those cool fall nights.

And let's face it: Whether you've been working all day or running around with the kids, nothing is better than coming home to a dinner that's pretty much ready to serve when you walk in the door.

I don't know about you, but even with a busy schedule, I still love to sit down to a really good meal that didn't just slide out of a box coated in icicles. But, after a long day, as much as I crave that marvelous dream dinner, I don't always feel up for preparing it. And that's where my trusted old friend the Crock-Pot comes in!

Take the chill out of a crisp autumn night with one of these super easy, super tasty Crock-Pot comfort food recipes. Your kids will love them all, and bonus: One of them is a dessert! (You're welcome!)

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What's your favorite slow cooker dish for fall? 

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