How to Make Pancakes in Fun Shapes Your Kids Will Love (PHOTOS)

Caitlin Anders | Aug 31, 2014 Food & Party
How to Make Pancakes in Fun Shapes Your Kids Will Love (PHOTOS)

how-to make fun pancake shapesBreakfast is hands-down the best meal of the day for moms to really show their stuff with minimal effort. Eggs, bacon, waffles -- they don't take a ton of time, but it looks like you slaved. Of course, we're often in such a hurry in the morning that we can't pay a lot of attention to that super important first meal of the day. However, on weekends or days off, or any time you have a few minutes, it's fun to do something different. That's where this tutorial for super-cute pancakes in fun shapes come in.

Recruit your husband and the kids to help you! (Okay, maybe just the kids.) Your whole brood will love 'em. Another idea? You could just make them for yourself. We promise we won't judge you. Check out our video tutorial on how to make pancakes in adorable shapes for the kids and the rest of the family to boot. It's easy!

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  • Prepare the Batter


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    Step One: Prepare the pancake batter according to the recipe you're using or whatever it says on the box. Pour the batter into a squeeze bottle - this will be your shape creating tool. 

  • Create Fun Shapes


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    Step Two: Decide what shapes you are going to make and gently squeeze them onto the hot, buttered griddle or pan. Some good ideas: stars, hearts, or even write out your kids name - the possibilities are endless.

  • Flip the Pancakes


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    Step Four: Shape pancakes are just like regular ones in that they are ready to be flipped when they start bubbling on top. Slide your spatula under the pancake carefully to keep intact and flip. Don't press down.

  • Add Your Mix Ins


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    Step Three: Before you flip the pancakes, add some mix ins if you want for some additional flavor and fun. Chocolate chips and blueberries are classic pancake add-ins, but you can be creative with bananas or pecans or toasted coconut. Yum!

  • Enjoy!


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    Step Five: They are done! Eat them all up and ENJOY! Kids love these and are a great birthday or holiday or other celebration breakfast that is sure to delight with minimal effort. Big win for busy moms.


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