Holiday Recipes: Mulled Wine

Kim Conte

Looking for something warm and spicy to drink around the Christmas tree? My friend recently made warm mulled wine in a crock pot for her holiday party, and it was a huge hit with her guests. This adult cocktail is sweeter than ordinary red wine, and the mulling spices fill the whole house with fragrant aromas of the season...

Mulled Wine

2 bottles red wine

2/3 cup sugar

2-4 tablespoons mulling spices (I like the mulling spices from Williams-Sonoma or you can make your own using cinnamon, orange peel, cardamon, cloves, and allspice)

1/2 cup brandy (optional)

Simmer all ingredients together for 20 minutes (if using the stove) or 1.5-2 hours if using a crock pot.

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