‘Drunk Wife’ Invents Genius Way to Make Grilled Cheese Sandwiches (VIDEO)

goldfish crackersA video just went up on Reddit that's stirring up controversy. It's called, "My drunk wife makes grilled cheeses." Except the woman making grilled cheeses while slugging rosé is not actually the poster's wife. She's single comic Ashley Bez. And those grilled cheeses? They're fake, too. But that's the really interesting part. Sit up and pay attention, because grilled cheese just got reinvented by Ms. Bez. If I didn't know better, I'd think this recipe was created by a kindergartner, it's so weirdly brilliant. You have to see this.


If you don't want to watch the whole video, here's the recipe:

Grilled Cheeses


1 handful goldfish crackers

2 sticks string cheese


Scatter goldfish crackers on a plate. Peel apart string cheese and place over crackers in a cross-hatch pattern. Microwave for a few seconds until cheese is melted. Times may vary depending on your microwave, but start with 10 seconds.

Let cool slightly before eating.

It's one of those genius hacks I wish I'd come up with myself. How many of us have craved a grilled cheese sandwich only to discover there is no bread in the house? And using the string cheese -- that's amazing, because it's just mozzarella.

Of course, you could consider this white folks nachos. As a Latina, that's sort of how I'm seeing it.

But the best part is this is a snack just about any household with small children can make because we all keep goldfish crackers and string cheese stocked. When my son was 3 years old, he practically lived on those two foods. (And yogurt.)

If you ask me, I think she could have used more string cheese and less rosé. Also, I would probably keep my clothes on while making this, because hot cheese burns. But she looks pretty darn happy, and I think just about anyone (who isn't gluten or lactose intolerant) would be, too, after making and eating this snack.

What do you think of this "grilled cheeses" idea?


Image via Lena LeRay/Flickr

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