7 Foods You Don’t Have to Refrigerate (PHOTOS)

apple in refrigeratorWhere do you keep your pickles -- in the refrigerator, right? What if I told you that you don't have to do that? You can keep them in your pantry at room temperature instead.

Is your mind totally blown, or did you know that all along? This is according to microbiologist Dr. Peter Barratt, who spilled the beans to the Daily Mail on what typically refrigerated foods are perfectly safe stored in the cabinet instead. We were curious and went poking around to find what other foods don't really require refrigeration.

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Image © Neville Mountford-Hoare/PhotoAlto/Corbis

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amazz... amazzonia

lol who refrigerates olive oil?!?!?!

nonmember avatar Sarah O

The only thing on this list we refrigerate is the jam, because it explicitly says on the jar to do so. The other stuff? Nope. It either goes in the cupboard or, in the case of fruits and veggies, it goes on the counter. We do our grocery shopping weekly and buy only enough for the week, so the fruits and veggies don't have time to go bad.

nonmember avatar krystian

The only things that don't go in the fridge are the peanut butter, onions, potatoes and bananas.

If I eat fruit I need it nice and cold.

Leiss... Leissaintexas

I've never refrigerated any of those things.

Lynette Lynette

My MIL refrigerates olive oil.  Makes it really hard to cook with it because you have to warm it up to use it.  

Momma... Momma_Forever

The only thing we refrigerate on this list is pickles and jam.  Peanut butter and oils are impossible to use if refrigerated

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