Restaurant Finds Hilarious Way to Shame Diner Who Left Without Paying (VIDEO)

restaurant billFellow eaters, I believe we are witnessing the end of dine-and-dash misdemeanors. Skipping out on your restaurant bill is out like takeout, or it will be soon. Sadly, this is not because we've all grown consciences overnight. It's because of restaurants like Our Place: The eatery shamed a dine-and-dasher on Facebook using surveillance images of his dishonorable actions. It'll probably never happen again at Our Place. Could your favorite restaurant follow suit?


Owner Benji Arslanovski was sick of diners walking out on their bills. So he posted photos from surveillance video of a man in the act of eating with his family ... and then pocketing the receipt on his way out instead of paying it. He walked right by the register, the video shows, according to KDFW.

When Arslanovski shared the images on the restaurant's Facebook page, it went viral. "We had 42,000 views, 300 shares, and 200 comments," he says. And within 24 hours, the delinquent diner came in and settled up. (Arslanovski has since removed the photos.)

So, good for this restaurant owner. Hopefully his diners will be more honest in the future -- or if they can't be, they'll take their anti-business elsewhere. And yet, do you find the idea of a restaurant quietly recording you, with the option of posting images of you on Facebook, just a little bit creepy?

The family in the video later told KDFW they left so suddenly because they had a family emergency -- and they had every intention of paying their bill.

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Most of us wouldn't dream of doing anything at a restaurant outrageous enough to post on social media. You do always have the option of actually paying your bill. You know? Avoid the humiliation and resist the temptation to do something foolish. A restaurant may be private property, but it's a public space. You have to assume someone may have their eyes, or a camera, on you at any possible moment.

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What do you think of the idea of posting dine-and-dashers on Facebook? Does it make you like the restaurant more or less?


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