Bikini-Clad Peach 'Butts' Are Too Hilarious to Eat (PHOTOS)

Adriana Velez | Aug 4, 2014 Food & Party


You know how you feel when someone sends you a gift box of fruit around the holidays? "Gee, apples. Thanks!" SIGH. Talk about anti-climactic. Would it have been so hard to choose a box of chocolate instead? Well, here's one gift box of fruit no one is ever going to complain about: Sexy peach butts. These peaches dressed up in itty bitty ladies' panties are being sold in China. You HAVE to see the photo -- we love it!

Everyone already knows peaches look like bottoms. Why not go all the way and dress them up while you're at it? I think this idea really has legs. Maybe they should extend the line to include some of these other sexy foods.

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What other foods would you like to see dressed up in a gift box?


Image via © iStock/nickpo

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