Restaurant Accused of 'Re-Plating' Old Customers' Food for New Ones

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This story will definitely give you reservations about dining in a restaurant any time soon! A Korean barbecue chain in Beijing was recently exposed for serving customers' leftovers to new, unsuspecting diners! Apparently, at this all-you-can-eat buffet, the sneeze guard is the least of your worries!

As moms, we've all witnessed kids take a piece of food (possibly even lick it!) and then decide they don't want it and try to put it back. But redistributing leftovers at a restaurant takes that unsanitary practice to a whole 'nother level.


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Acting on tips, investigators, who obtained jobs at the restaurant in question, saw everything from seafood to fruit re-plated and served again. Gross! Can you imagine sitting down for a meal only to discover that someone else may have tried it first? This makes the infamous "double dipping" immortalized on Seinfeld seem like no big deal at all.

Everyone's heard of a fly in the soup or a hair in the salad, but most often those are unintentional gaffes. In this case, the reporters/new hires were told that by simply returning leftovers to the back kitchen and bringing them out through the front kitchen, "no one suspects anything." That's despicable.

I once had to kill a cockroach gunning for my French toast at a restaurant during a Sunday brunch. But what was even more disturbing than his unexpected visit was that when I pointed it out to the waiter, he didn't seem surprised in the slightest. Needless to say, I never ate there again.

I suppose every time you dine outside your own kitchen, you run the risk of food mishandling, but something as deliberate as this really makes us want to dine in tonight!

Have you ever witnessed food mishandling in a restaurant?


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