Restaurant Accused of 'Re-Plating' Old Customers' Food for New Ones

restaurant Recyclilng Food

This story will definitely give you reservations about dining in a restaurant any time soon! A Korean barbecue chain in Beijing was recently exposed for serving customers' leftovers to new, unsuspecting diners! Apparently, at this all-you-can-eat buffet, the sneeze guard is the least of your worries!

As moms, we've all witnessed kids take a piece of food (possibly even lick it!) and then decide they don't want it and try to put it back. But redistributing leftovers at a restaurant takes that unsanitary practice to a whole 'nother level.

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Acting on tips, investigators, who obtained jobs at the restaurant in question, saw everything from seafood to fruit re-plated and served again. Gross! Can you imagine sitting down for a meal only to discover that someone else may have tried it first? This makes the infamous "double dipping" immortalized on Seinfeld seem like no big deal at all.

Everyone's heard of a fly in the soup or a hair in the salad, but most often those are unintentional gaffes. In this case, the reporters/new hires were told that by simply returning leftovers to the back kitchen and bringing them out through the front kitchen, "no one suspects anything." That's despicable.

I once had to kill a cockroach gunning for my French toast at a restaurant during a Sunday brunch. But what was even more disturbing than his unexpected visit was that when I pointed it out to the waiter, he didn't seem surprised in the slightest. Needless to say, I never ate there again.

I suppose every time you dine outside your own kitchen, you run the risk of food mishandling, but something as deliberate as this really makes us want to dine in tonight!

Have you ever witnessed food mishandling in a restaurant?


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youth... youthfulsoul

A an elephant bar near where I work was closed down for a while due to this same practice. Who in theworld  would ever think this was ok. 

missy... missybest

Did I read that right?  In Beijing?  Really?  We don't have enough to worry about that we also need to focus on the problems in Beijing?

cherylam cherylam

I've had a spider drop from the ceiling and onto my plate at a upper class place in Northern Michigan, the waitress laughed it off, and hubby had an earwig swimming in his 'warmed authentic maple syrup', so we just don't eat out very often. Since the big meat contamination scares recently, we're pretty much vegetarians, only eating the eggs our chickens lay.

SamWalla SamWalla

I worked at a high dollar restaurant where they made us reuse rolls and butter from previous diners. I crushed them so I wouldn't have to put them in a basket for new customers. Disgusting.

Saphi... SaphiraJFire

I have worked at several fast food chains that are very well known. One very well known brand in particular was so nasty with what they did to the food on a daily basis. I made biscuits and I was told to save room in the walk-in cooler leave them out all day and night because the walk-in was to small to have to walk around them all day long. another thing they did a lot was leave meat out on the counter all day in boxes. Raw meat. warm and stinky. 

This is a hamburger place and they put the meat into bins and have you catch the grease into traps and pour it in the bins to keep the meat moist. I kid you not. Fill the bins with grease and have the cooked meat swinging in it.

I quit called corporate about it they shut it down right away and tore the place down after a while. 

That is why I prefer food I cook at home and rarely eat out anywhere. Ever. Ever. Ever. 

Olivi... Oliviasmom18

I lived in a small town where we had one Chinese buffet. They got closed down because the health inspector found tons of skinned hanging cats in the kitchen. They tried to claim they were for personal use and consumption but what family of four needs 60 skinned cats?! I ate there all the time!

young... youngparent05

Wow this is so disgusting between the post and the comments I'm never eating out again I cut out fast food a very long time ago seeing how as a teen I worked fast food and it was horrific what they would do to customers food that gave them attitude or was someone they didn't like or someone that complained about their food so after everything I saw I decided I would definitely never be eating fast food ever again in my life but now I'm hearing about restaurant's doing this and worse ugh yuck and and everything that was being done at the fast food restaurant I worked at it was all done in front of management and they did nothing

justj123 justj123

Yesterday a guy in San Antonio Texas got a Taco from a place over here on Babcock Road and Springtime and opened it to put salsa in it and inside his taco was a cockroach!! EWWWW

IHear... IHeartCake

It's gross but I once heard someone who worked in fast food say coworkers had been known to spit into the fryer where they cook fries to watch it sizzle.  And I know salad bars reuse salads from the buffet again the next day (but not that they resuse them from customer's old plates!) 

I think the best way to avoid food poisoning when eating out is to avoid salads and sandwiches and try to get only food cooked at high temperatures.  

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