12 Ideas for the Prettiest Picnic Ever

picnicEvery once in a while, you may want to go beyond your ordinary picnic. You want to pack a gorgeous picnic -- the kind you see in magazine spreads. A picnic so ingenious and pretty, total strangers will pin photos of it to Pinterest. (Because you Instagrammed it, shamelessly.) Not that that's the main purpose for this meal! Of course you're doing it for your own enjoyment and the pleasure of your picnic companions. But you know what I mean. You open that basket and everyone gasps: Ooh! Ahh!

Here are 12 ideas for a beautiful, Pinterest-worthy picnic. They're not all the most practical tips -- that's not what this is about. For once, we're putting form just a wee bit ahead of function. But at least these are do-able ideas.


picnic basket

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What's a picnic idea you've always wanted to try out?


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