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40 Yummy Overnight Slow-Cooker Breakfasts Kids Can Serve Themselves

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Here's a puzzle we face every morning. Moms want their kids to have a healthy, home-cooked breakfast to start the school day, and they'd also love for the littles to be able to handle serving it to themselves. But A) we don't have time to whip up a hot breakfast before work and school, and B) the best the kids can do on their own is pour a bowl of cereal or toast a piece of bread or a frozen waffle.

For the busy mom, some early-morning stress (and guilt) needs to be alleviated without always resorting to milk and cereal. The Crock-Pot can be a mom's best friend here. Slow cookers are pretty inexpensive to buy, make huge quantities of food, and are set-it-and-forget-it easy.

The best part? Kids will love a warm and hearty breakfast they can easily spoon into a bowl before sitting down to eat (or, perhaps more likely, spoon into a to-go container on their way to the bus). We've collected warm egg casseroles, creamy rice puddings, crisp breakfast potatoes, and much more into this rundown of the best and quickest Crock-Pot recipes. Most are perfect for getting a kid's school day off to a good start; others are more decadent treats that'd be great for a weekend morning (so maybe Mom can sleep in once in a while -- hey, we can dream!). Simply prep one of these slow-cooker breakfast recipes the night before, and it'll be ready for the kids when they wake up.

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1Crock-Pot Egg Casserole with Bacon & Smoked Cheddar

What's that fragrant meaty, eggy smell? Oh yes, it's slow-cooker bacon, smoked cheddar, and egg casserole. Of course, regular cheddar or just about any other cheese that melts well works, too.

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3Crock-Pot Breakfast Casserole with Ham & Tater Tots

Mmm, cheesy tater tots with eggs and ham first thing in the morning -- need we say more?


4Gluten-Free Granola Crock-Pot Recipe

Yes, granola can be made without turning on the oven! This slow-cooker granola recipe happens to be gluten-free, but it's delicious for anyone, whether or not one abstains from gluten.


5Creamy Orange Zest Rice Pudding Crock-Pot Recipe

Crock-Pots and rice pudding were practically made for each other. This creamy orange zest rice pudding recipe calls for raw milk, but it will be just as tasty with regular milk (as well as almond or any other kind of milk).

6Semi-Homemade Caramel Rolls Crock-Pot Recipe

These slow-cooker caramel rolls sound almost too decadent to eat for breakfast (but we will anyway!). And they're so easy to assemble -- ingredients are just refrigerator biscuits, brown sugar, butter, and nuts (optional). Kids can grab a piece of fruit on the side.


7Fluffy Crock-Pot French Toast Recipe

This Crock-Pot French toast is a take on bread pudding ... in other words, dessert for breakfast. Shh, we won't tell!


9Homemade Crock-Pot Yogurt Recipe

Yes, homemade yogurt is a thing people make in a Crock-Pot. Serve it with granola and fruit for a super nutritious breakfast.

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10Apple Pie Oatmeal Crock-Pot Recipe

Who wouldn't love apple pie for breakfast? For something a wee bit healthier, though, there's this slow-cooker apple pie oatmeal. Yum!

Dmytriy Aslanian/Shutterstock

11Breakfast Potatoes Crock-Pot Recipe

Got potato fans in the family? These slow-cooker breakfast potatoes will please them. Plus, potatoes are a surprisingly healthy way to start the day.

Image via Brent Hofacker/Shutterstock

12Bread Pudding Crock-Pot Recipe

This is definitely verging on too-decadent-for-breakfast. But why not? Try this amazing recipe for slow-cooker bread pudding.

Lukas Hejtman/Shutterstock

13Bacon & Cheese Quiche Crock-Pot Recipe

Wow, Crock-Pot quiche -- who knew? This recipe for bacon and cheese quiche creates a morning meal that kids should love.

Image via Ivana Lalicki/Shutterstock

14Turtle Monkey Bread Crock-Pot Recipe

Who here loves monkey bread? US TOO. This recipe for slow-cooker turtle monkey bread creates a scrumptious sweet while the family sleeps.

Brent Hofacker/Shutterstock

15Breakfast Quinoa Crock-Pot Recipe

Quinoa for breakfast? Why not! After all, it's high in protein and fiber. This Crock-Pot recipe for breakfast quinoa includes dates and pumpkin seeds, but add bananas and blueberries instead if those are household faves.

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16Cheesy Grits Crock-Pot Recipe

For a Southern-style breakfast that's ready when the alarm goes off, here's a Crock-Pot grits recipe. Sprinkle this savory dish with cheese to make it extra indulgent.


Quinoa Energy Bars Crock-Pot Recipe

An ideal breakfast-on-the-go option, these quinoa energy bars from Food Faith Fitness are full of super nutritious ingredients like chia seeds and almond butter. They're even gluten free!


Crock-Pot Hashbrown Casserole Recipe

There's just no end to the ways potatoes can be used for breakfast, and this hashbrown casserole from Chelsea's Messy Apron is one of the best ways of all. Frozen hashbrowns make this Crock-Pot recipe extra easy!


Classic Coffee Cake Crock-Pot Recipe

Just because kids don't drink coffee yet doesn't mean they won't love this classic coffee cake from Betty Crocker, which can be made in a Crock-Pot. Moms and dads will want a side of java.


Blueberry Banana Bread Crock-Pot Recipe

Even more amazing than traditional banana-only variety (and even easier to make), this Crock-Pot blueberry banana bread from Baking Queen 74 will become a breakfast staple for sure.


Crock-Pot Scrambled Eggs Recipe

These Crock-Pot scrambled eggs from Recipes That Crock just might be the fluffiest ever, and they'll already be good to go when everybody rolls out of bed.

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