Absolutely Scandalous Image Found on Ordinary Chocolate Bar (PHOTO)

milky barSo you're in your den watching a bunch of hot men run around in little, tight-fitting shorts (I'm talking about the World Cup of course) when you eagerly unwrap your chocolate bar only to discover -- OMG, BALLS! Literally, on you candy. It would appear that the white chocolate Milkybar has a penis-like shape imprinted on it. And everyone's been oblivious until this week, when London lawyer Robin Jacobs made the discovery and was overcome with strong feelings.


The image is supposed to depict an upside-down horse's head. But that's not what Jacobs sees. He told Metro, "What on earth is a penis doing on a kids’ chocolate bar? There’s no point denying what it looks like. It is obvious –- we can all see it." Want to see what the fuss is all about? Here's a 2012 tweeted image of the scandal man-candy.

Oh my God, he's right. It does look like a penis with balls. This is now my new favorite candy bar. I mean! That's an outrage. I'm duly shocked.

Jacobs was not so horrified by the penis that he couldn't muscle down the chocolate anyway. "I still ate it but I was a little put off. I don’t understand why it is there." However, all his memories of this year's soccer tournament have been overshadowed by this towering incident. "Now the 2014 World Cup will always be remembered as the 'Milky Bar penis,'" Jacobs says. "It’s not a great way to remember it." OR IS IT, MR. JACOBS? I think it all depends on your perspective.

Nestlé apologized for the offending image. In a statement to Huffington Post, they said:

Nestlé is surprised and sorry to hear that Mr. Jacobs thought the picture on the Milkybar resembles male genitalia, it is in fact an image of a horse’s head, the Milkybar Kid’s horse. There was no intention to mislead or depict anything offensive on our product and we apologise for any confusion or embarrassment this may have caused.

Honestly, I don't think Jacobs was all that embarrassed or he wouldn't have brought it up at all.

As for this image appearing on a children's candy bar, I think that's rather harmless -- and that's as a mom of a little boy and as someone who once was a kid. I think people get way too worked up over protecting kids from unintended stuff like this. If kids recognize what it is, they're going to think it's hilarious. They have genitalia of their own, you know.

As for adults, I think the optical illusion, double image, whatever you want to call it makes the bar more fun. You watch -- now that the word is out, these candies are going to go flying off the shelves.

Do you think this image is offensive or just an innocent and harmless coincidence?


Image via David Martyn Hunt/Flickr

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