7 Easy Foil Packet Recipes You Can Make by Campfire (PHOTOS)

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Nothing says summer like an open fire and sleeping in the great outdoors! Along with those amazing activities is the one we all most look forward to: campfire cooking. Deliciousness, thy name is a foil packet full of meat or dessert, hot off the fire. Yum!

The beauty of foil packet cooking is that it's incredibly low maintenance and yet wonderfully flavorful ALL at the same time. Plus, super easy cleanup! Why can't we do it year round?

Here are seven great foil campfire recipes that require just a little bit of prep for a whole lot of yum. See below:

 foil packet recipes

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  • Chicken & Veggie Packets


    These chicken and veggie packets have everything you need for a full campfire meal. Just pop it in the cooler and go. Ingredients: Diced chicken breast, veggies of your choosing, a little olive oil and lemon juice. Wrap it all tightly in two layers of foil and cook over a campfire for about 40 minutes.

  • Hobo Hamburgers


    A hamburger without the bun is called a Hobo hamburger and leave it to Paula Deen to do it right. It's hamburger meat, cracker crumbs, and a whole lot of other goodies rolled in foil. Throw on the fire and your dinner is served. Simple. Fast. Delish.

  • Campfire Potatoes


    A perfect side dish accompaniment to regular campfire fare like hot dogs and such, these campfire roasted potatoes will class up the joint. Plus, they are super easy to make. Toss some potatoes in foil with other veggies and a bit of butter and herbs (if desired), and you are done!

  • Campfire Monkey Bread


    Monkey bread, people! Campfire monkey bread! There is NOTHING better in this whole world. The campfire version is pretty similar to other recipes. You need refrigerated biscuit dough, butter, cinnamon, sugar, nuts (optional), and foil. About 20 minutes later, you will have sweet, pull-apart bread everyone will love.

  • Campfire Banana Melts


    Nothing could be simpler than these campfire chocolate banana melts. Simply slice open a banana and put chocolate chips and marshmallows between the two slices. Wrap in foil. Cook until melted. Yuuuuum.

  • Campfire Chessy Chicken & Broccoli


    All the deliciousness in the world has gone into this Campfire Cheesy Broccoli Chicken. The recipe is similar to the other ones. Just with more cheese. The better to eat it with, my dear.

  • Campfire S'mores


    Grilled s'mores are the perfect food for the campfire. Just load up little packets of chocolate, marshmallow, and graham crackers. Wrap in foil and eat. Om nom nom.