The Ultimate Guide to Eating Everything Better

how to eat a cupcakeI don't know how to eat a cupcake or a hamburger. I know it sounds crazy, but the truth is, after decades of consuming food, I'm apparently still not a pro.

How do I know?

YouTube. They have videos on how to eat (and prepare) everything -- from cupcakes to burgers. And it has shown me (and everyone else) the error of our ways. These amazing hacks on how to eat or cut up food is going to improve our quality of life. Trust me.


How to Eat a Cupcake

Cupcakes can be so very messy. But this makes a no-muss no-fuss way of eating one of our favorite treats. We NEVER would have thought of this in a million years, but it makes so much sense. Here are the four steps:

1. Remove the paper wrapping.

2. Gently pull off half of the bottom of the cupcake.

3. Put the chunk of cake on top of the frosting, like a sandwich.

4. EAT!

How to Eat a Chicken Wing

Do you always feel disgusting and uncomfortable chowing down on messy chicken wings? This hack will bring confidence back to your snacking! Here's your four-step process:

1. Remove connective cartilage from the end of the chicken wing.

2. Twist the small bone and pull it out from the meat.

3. Twist the big bone and pull it out as well.

4. Eat the remaining meat, skin, and sauce, bone-free!

How to Eat a Hamburger

We gave a very helpful breakdown on how to eat a hamburger a couple months ago, but to refresh, here is your four-step process:

1. Put your three middle fingers (the index, middle, and ring) on the top of the burger.

2. Put your pinkie and your thumb on the underside of the burger, holding the sandwich closed and secure.

3. Eat the burger at an even angle so nothing slips out.

4. Kiss mess goodbye!

How to Cut a Mango

It's a foolproof way to cut a mango and it's just what we all need. Here's the process:

1. Cut off one end so it can stand upright.

2. Find the seed of the mango. You'll want to run your knife along one side of the long flat seed, cutting off the mango "cheek."

3. Repeat on other side.

4. Lay the freshly cut mango cheek onto your cutting board and cut a grid into the fruit, cutting to the skin but not through the skin.

5. Flip your mango inside out.

6. Cut out the chunks of mango from the skin.

How to Eat a Pomegranate

One of the most difficult fruits to eat, this hack makes feasting on delicious pomegranates SO much easier.

1. Cut out a cone type slice from the top of the pomegranate -- the "flower" end. Make sure not to cut into the seeds.

2. On the stem end, cut off a flat piece of it.

3. From the top of the pomegranate, you can see ridges around the fruit. Score lightly around the ridges, cutting the skin (but not the seeds).

4. Then just break the pomegranate apart and the sections of seeds will be exposed.

How to Eat Pistachios

Here is a GENIUS tip on how to make pistachios practically shell themselves.

1. Open up one pistachio using whatever method you prefer.

2. Take one of the sides of the shells and use that as a tool to open all the rest.

How to Pit a Cherry

Chopsticks to pit a cherry? Yes, indeed!

1. Get an empty wine bottle and a pair of chopsticks.

2. Take a cherry and sit on top of the mouth of the wine bottle.

3. Remove the stem.

4. Make sure the divot where the stem was is facing up.

5. Take the wide end of your chopstick and push it into the cherry, which will force the pit into the body of the wine bottle.

How to Eat an Apple

Did you know you've been eating an apple wrong all these years? According to the video, the average person wastes 30 percent of the apple when they eat the regular way. Here's the simple way to stop all that waste:

1. Eat the apple from the end rather from the side.

2. Devour the entire thing, core and all.


So there you have it! A better way to eat and prepare a whole bunch of snacks.

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