6 Delicious Recipes Made With Coconut Water (PHOTOS)

coconut with straw on kitchen counterFrom oil pulling to using it as an alternative to diaper cream, coconut oil may be the current multitasking darling, but let's not underestimate coconut water, which is clearly a force to be reckoned with, as well. Sure, the sweet drink initially seemed to be a passing trend, but health experts continue to sing its praises as a hydrating, electrolyte-packed alternative to popular sports beverages (it has five times the potassium that’s available in Powerade and Gatorade) and even regular H2O.

Now, chefs and celebs -- like ZICO Coconut Water spokeswoman Jessica Alba, who recently co-hosted a cooking demo featuring the product -- are jumping on the bandwagon, noting how the drink is actually a pretty versatile ingredient in cooking.

Here, 6 savory dinner and delicious dessert recipes in which coconut water plays a key role.


Coconut water recipes

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