10 Picnic Hacks That Make Eating Outside Super Easy

picnicThe idea of going on a picnic sounds lovely, doesn't it? You lay out that checkered blanket, open your perfect wicker basket, and proceed to set out your pristinely-packed lunch. Except it's never quite that perfect, is it? There's always something that spills or gets smushed or somehow smells funny by the time you sit down to eat. Well, here are our 10 best picnic lunch hacks -- what to do to make sure your food arrives safe and sound so everyone's happy!



1. Use mason jars. Okay, you probably already know this, but there are these things called mason jars? And, like, you can pack things in them? I'm kidding, of course you've seen these. Here's a whole blog post full of mason jar picnic lunch-packing ideas. I mean, the possibilities are endless.

2. Make a cupcake liner cup protector. Hate getting flies and other bugs in your drinks? Just put a cupcake liner with a straw over your cup.

3. Create salt and pepper packets. It's entirely ethical to just grab these from fast food restaurants for future picnic lunches. Or if you're a bit classier than that, you can fill straws with salt or pepper and tape the ends. Or you can re-use Tic-Tac containers.

4. Wrap sandwiches in paper, not plastic. Don't want a soggy sandwich? Wrap it in waxed or parchment paper instead. Tape closed or tie with kitchen twine because you're twee like that.

5. Use hard rolls or baguettes. These breads have crusts that won't get soggy. Slice the baguette lengthwise, Subway sandwich-style, and load with toppings.

6. Freeze your drinks. This will keep them, and everything with them, cold. Careful with cans of soda, though -- they may bulge and burst.

7. Wrap bottles in cloth. Bringing a bottle of wine? Wrap it up in your tablecloth or napkins to keep it from breaking. Oh -- I guess you could do this with beer, too.

8. Pack dressing separately. If you're bringing a pasta or other salad, add just enough dressing so it doesn't dry out (tiny, tiny amount!). Then pack the rest of the dressing in a jar and add it just before you're ready to serve. Same with sandwich condiments -- pack those separately.

9. Put heavier items on the bottom. DUH! Everyone knows this. But I'm saying it anyway just in case.

10. Keep it simple. Don't get too elaborate with your vision. Pack foods that don't have sauce or moving parts and that taste good room temperature. Sometimes some bread, cheese, fruit, and a couple knives make the perfect outdoor meal.

How do you keep your picnic lunch happy, not soggy?


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