Little Girl Finds Real Treasure Hidden in Box of Goldfish Crackers (VIDEO)

goldfish crackersRemember getting a toy surprise in your box of Cracker Jacks? If you were really lucky, you got a pretty, plastic ring. Well, one little girl made the most amazing discovery. She found a ring in her Goldfish crackers -- a real wedding ring! Or it sure looks that way. Nine-year-old Peyton Postol was snacking on the little fish crackers when she pulled out a silver-colored metal band embedded with small diamonds or white stones and asked her mom, "Is there supposed to be a ring in here?"

The answer is no, there definitely should not be a ring in your Goldfish crackers. But what a magical find! Peyton must have felt a thrill at this amazing discovery, followed by some confusion, naturally. But when you think about it, finding a ring in your crackers is maybe not such an innocent delight.


Think about what must have gone wrong for this to have happened. A Pepperidge Farm spokeswoman told ABC 4 in Utah that employees are prohibited from wearing jewelry on the job, and they're supposed to wear gloves. (Hmm, maybe someone wasn't following the rules?!?) "We're very surprised that it was found in the pack,” Pepperidge spokeswoman Anna Burr says. "Because we do take it very seriously and we have in place a number of processes to avoid something like this from happening."

So there's that. Who had their bare hands near/in that box of crackers? But worse -- what else could be falling into those crackers? I'm sure whoever dropped that ring never intended to and is heartbroken over the loss. What about things people wouldn't miss, like a filthy bangle from Forever 21, for example? Or a cigarette butt? Or -- well, you get the idea. Peyton's mom, Stephanie, pretty much nails it by saying, "But now the thought of them not using gloves or whatnot makes me not want to eat it anymore."

But you know what? Tomorrow is another day. And we'll all probably open up packages of food with wide-eyed innocent faith and we'll find nothing mysterious inside. To the pantry!

What would you do if you found a ring in your crackers?


Image via Lena Le Ray/Flickr

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