8 Chipotle Ordering Secrets Every Burrito Lover Needs to Know

chipotleYou love the fast casual Mexican restaurant Chipotle. I love the fast casual Mexican restaurant Chipotle. But don't you ever think to yourself, "Self, I sure wish I knew more about Chipotle so I can maximize my deliciousness there." Well today is your lucky day, readers! In a riveting Reddit thread, one Chipotle employee answers questions and reveals all kinds of secrets about this beloved burrito bar. We've read through it and culled 8 important Chipotle facts that could change the way you eat. Plus! We grabbed two recipes you really cannot live without.



1. Chipotle has what's called a "quesarito." It's not on the menu, but ask and ye shall receive. Here's how the employee describes it. "It's a quesadilla but we open it up and put regular burrito toppings in it. So it's like you're eating a quesadilla and a burrito at the same time."

2. And there's this other "secret" ingredient. For free you can get a little-known honey chipotle vinaigrette dashed over your meal. **Clarification from a Chipotle spoksperson: "The vinaigrette is not a semi-secret item; it is available on Chipotle’s menu."

3. There are freebies. You don't pay extra for more beans, vegetables, rice, or taco shells/tortillas on the side. You do pay extra for meat and guacamole.

4. You get more food in a bowl than in a burrito. The Chipotle employee says, "In a bowl, you have all that bowl space, and even if you get it filled completely that it starts stacking and getting taller, the lid is able to squish it down. But with a burrito, everything kinda needs to be in the center and be able to rolled into a burrito, so the portions are a bit smaller." **A Chipotle spokeperson says: "Burrito bowls do not contain more food than burritos. Ingredient portions are the same in either item, so the only difference would be the tortilla."

5. Try this genius burrito bowl hack. This idea comes from a customer. Ask an employee to place a tortilla at the bottom of your bowl. "Eat most of the bowl, then wrap up the rest in the tortilla and savor every bite. Leave no Chipotle behind."

6. You can get rice without the cilantro. We know some people cannot abide the stuff. Just ask for plain rice!

7. Two Chipotle locations serve breakfast. They are both at airports: Dulles outside Washington, D.C., and BWI in Baltimore, Maryland. And they serve special breakfast burritos.**"Chipotle does not have two locations that serve breakfast. The two locations mentioned, at Dulles and BWI, used to serve breakfast. They are still open in the morning, but serve the same menu we use for the rest of the day as that’s what our customers seem to prefer in those restaurants," says a Chipotle spokesperson.

8. How to get $2 off your order. If you order something with fewer than four ingredients (not including guacamole or double meat), it should be rung up as a kids' meal, which is $2 cheaper than the usual bowl price.

And now, two important recipes.

Cilantro Rice:

White rice with soy oil, fresh cilantro, and a squeeze of lime juice.


2 Hass avocados

1 jalapeno pepper, seeded, and minced

1/4 of a red onion, finely chopped

2 heaping tablespoons cilantro, finely chopped

1/4 of a lime, juiced

1/4 teaspoon coarse salt

Mix together and die of happiness.

What's your favorite thing to order at Chipotle?


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