10 Crazy Burgers You’d Never Know Are From McDonald’s (PHOTOS)

Adriana Velez | Jul 7, 2014 Food & Party

burgers around the worldYou will find American-style fast food in nearly every corner of the globe these days. Just yesterday a friend of mine was telling me she saw a Starbucks on her trip to Cairo, Egypt. And you're guaranteed to see a McDonald's pretty much everywhere you go ... just don't expect the exact same menu. While the appeal of US fast food is spreading, many fast food restaurants also like to cater to local tastes, often in mind-boggling ways. You have to see what they're calling a burger around the world. You'll wish some of these were sold here, too.


  • Crazy McDonald's Burgers: Black & White Burgers


    In China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong, you have your choice of the black burger with beef patty, onion, and black pepper sauce or the white burger with chicken, spicy sauce, and lettuce. In other words: spicy or also spicy.

  • Crazy McDonald's Burgers: Chicken Maharaja Mac


    In India there's the Maharaja Mac, a double-decker chicken sandwich with "smoky" sauce. "No excuses for not indulging in the charisma" of this sandwich, McDonald's says. Wow, a sandwich with charisma ... how enchanting.

  • Crazy McDonald's Burgers: McAloo Tikki


    Another tempting sandwich from India, the McAloo Tikki is vegetarian. The patty is made from potato and peas and gets topped with a sweet tomato mayo sauce. But does it have the same charisma as the Maharaja Mac?

  • Crazy McDonald's Burgers: Das Nürnburger


    Who says a burger has to be made with ground beef? In Germany, Das Nürnburger is made with three bratwurst sausages on a white bun.

  • Crazy McDonald's Burgers: Greek Mac


    In Greece they ditch the bun in favor of a pita for the Greek Mac -- see also the Greek Chicken.

  • Crazy McDonald's Burgers: McPork


    Japan just gets straight to the point: McPork because piggies are yum. Comes with a sweet and sour sauce.

  • Crazy McDonald's Burgers: Cheese Katsu Burger


    This Japanese burger is a little complicated: Think tenderized pork tempura stuffed with cheese.

  • Crazy McDonald's Burgers: Prosperity Burger


    What does a hamburger have to do with prosperity? You'd have to ask the Malaysians. The Prosperity Burger has a beef or chicken patty with black pepper sauce and onions.

  • Crazy McDonald's Burgers: McRice Burger


    The Philippine McDiners say away with your wheat buns. We shall make our buns of rice instead! And we will add cabbage instead of lettuce.

  • Crazy McDonald's Burgers: McPumpkin Omelette Sandwich


    McPumpkin Om-what? In Hungary you can get vegetable hash browns and egg on a pumpkin seed bun, and they call it the McPumpkin Omelette Sandwich.

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