Hash Browns in a Waffle Iron: Make Them in 3 Easy Steps! (PHOTOS)

Sunny Chanel | Jul 5, 2014 Food & Party

I have a confession; the only thing I have ever made in my waffle iron is, well, waffles. But after this fun little experiment, I realized that my trusty kitchen appliance, which had been relegated to creating just your basic waffles, is capable of other breakfast staples. Yes, you can also make fantastic-looking hash browns in your waffle iron too!

The best part is that you can make waffle iron hash browns in just three simple steps ...

You will need the following:

• Shredded potatoes (fresh or frozen). You can also use tater tots.
• Vegetable oil
• Salt and pepper

How easy is it to make these waffle iron hash browns? Crazy easy! Check out how -- and then enjoy! They're the perfect side for your eggs and bacon in the morning!

waffle iron hash browns

Do you have any other creative things you do with your waffle iron?

Images via Sunny Chanel