Rainbow Cake Recipe Online Leads To Hilariously Absurd Comment War

rainbow cakeA colorful rainbow cake seems innocent enough, right? It's just some flour, sugar, an egg or two, correct? It turns out, that is not the case. This past week, a certain rainbow cake that is tie dyed on the outside and filled in the middle with the number five set off an epic comment war that has to be seen be believed.

It looks like some of the chefs -- pros and amateurs alike -- have been watching too many reality TV shows! What began as just some borderline rude sniping over a question regarding how long to freeze an ingredient quickly degenerated into name-calling of a ludicrous (and, let's be real) totally hilarious fashion. Things that should not ever inspire such ire: CAKES. 

Once the mud-slinging started, it wouldn't stop! Here is just a small sampling of the completely insane (and very long thread) that degenerated beyond our wildest imaginings.

We are talking communist name calling:

Ummm... You mean fascist. Communists are extremely liberal, you big blue ball.

Political jabs:

Worldwide, yes it does. In the US it has a different meaning however. Being "liberal" in most rest of the world is being committed to limited government and a " laissez-faire" economic policy. If you notice, that is the opposite of the "liberals" in the US. Liberals here typically are pro large government and prefer a Keynesian economic approach.

Obscene rudeness:

@&@& off already and die you stooopid @&@&! You have to be a @&#(&@ because only #&(#& are stoooopid. @#!@!

And more!

It's actually a really funny read that I can't do justice here. Suffice it to say:

Now it's turned to politics. IT WAS A CAKE RECIPE!!!!!!


This is helpful. This thread confirms that society is f*cked. No doubt about that, the end is near. But at least now there'll be cake! :D

Amen. Did we mention this was about CAKE?! Whew.

I understand that negative commenters dwell everywhere (hi, I write on the internet for a living, this is hardly a revelation), but on a site dedicated to sharing cake recipes? Really?

It's like both the internet and the culinary world have reached a new low. Ultimately, I feel most badly for the poor innocent cake! Can't you picture it? Just sitting there are beautiful and delicious being like, "can't we all just get along?!" Poor cake! 

Beth Jackson Klosterboer, the amazing baker and blogger who created the cake told The Stir: "I really love my cake design, and am happy to see it getting so much attention, but am sad that not all the attention is positive." We are, too. Hopefully people still get to enjoy it, though.

Why do you think these commenters went so loco?

Image via Hungry Happenings

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sassy... sassykat122

Is that the one with a number inside? I saw those comments! Pretty comical haha

Elaine Cox

watching people freak out over nothing is always amazing.I guess its the dark alley of society called the internet

Mrseoc Mrseoc

is ths an article about an article that got a number of negetive comments.... really?

nonmember avatar needsmorecoffee

Crazed commentary aside I really want to make that cake. Minus the fondant.

nonmember avatar Val

How do you do the number inside the cake? Where can i find this reciepe ?

Charl... Charlyla2

Ha!!! I shared the link to the recipe about a week ago because I was checking out the comments and I couldn't stop laughing. That is too funny.

laker... lakerfan420

I thought freezing until frozen was funny until I got to facebook balls. I posted this a few days ago because I want to try this in a few months when my son turns five, but had also noted how insane the comments quickly got. And I'll make sure to freeze the fives until frozen, as advised in the comments.

Saphi... SaphiraJFire

It was a gross cake recipe that was copied from another person with no credit, also the instruction were very poor. 

No one likes fondant its nasty and tacky way to decorate a cake. Its the lazy way.

nonmember avatar Crystal

I wanna make the cake. Oh someone tell me how to find the directions! Why can we all just love each other. Good Gravy!

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