'Bulletproof' Coffee With Butter Can Change Your Life if You Let It (VIDEO)

bulletproof coffeeIf you think the name "Bulletproof coffee" is weird, wait until you hear what is in this crazy hot drink that just keeps taking the world by storm. Butter. It's butter. Coffee. With butter.

Sounds horrible, doesn't it? Well, according to entrepreneur David Asprey, the man behind this fad that just won't die, there is nothing weird about it at all. In fact, this is a discovery he made while traveling through Tibet where they brew this ish on the regular. He claims a cup of it rejuvenated him and changed his life and so he started a company based on it.

It's literally a combination of coffee, butter (one or two tablespoons), and something called MCT oil. Devotees make all kinds of claims about the various ways it has helped them lose weight, eat less, and climb Everest (just kidding on the last part. Kind of.).

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Celebrities are going crazy for this stuff despite the fact that it ranges from 200 to a whopping 500 calories a cup. For perspective, let's recall that Starbucks drinks can tip the scales at close to those levels as well.

That said, a cup of normal coffee has only the amount of calories of your add-ins. I put in a quarter cup of 2 percent milk myself, so we are talking a BIG difference. 

But! But! Here's what this coffee claims it can do:

1.) Give greater mental focus and clarity.

2.) Give a caffeine lift without the wonky stomach we get from coffee.

3.) Help with weight loss.

4.) Sustain your energy level longer (i.e., no "crash").

5.) Fill you up for the whole day.

The reason it's called Bulletproof is not because it is. It's because its brilliant founder and marketing team claim it makes YOU bulletproof. Yowza.

Sounds magical, doesn't it? And maybe a tad bit too good to be true? Here's a rude awakening for you: the $18.95 a bag pricetag. Ouch.

You know what though? I'm going to bite the "bullet" and try some. He had me at "coffee" and "butter." No, seriously. I've put coconut oil in my coffee and I've seen what that can do in terms of jumpstarting my metabolism and filling me up early in the morning. If this does the same thing, I'm sold.

Would you ever try it?


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