Grocery Store Fined for Grossest Slice of Meat Ever

bull "Honey, I'll be right back. We're fresh out of bull penis and I've got to go to the local grocery store to buy us some," SAID NO ONE EVER. But don't tell that to one grocery store in Austin, Texas. They stand accused of repackaging "pizzle" (that's bull dong to you and me) and selling it as being totally fit for human consumption. The attorney general's office had some beef (AMAZING PUN) with this -- as one would imagine. They are fining the store and the employees responsible for the sale of the wiener $5,000.

In America we naturally turn our noses up at the idea of eating the penis of any animal. Unless you're a dog -- in which case, pizzle sticks are among one of the more popular dried, chewy treats sold at pet stores. In other countries, like China, this part of the bull is thought to be an aphrodisiac. Just, you know, not here. 


But does that make it such a crime? It's not as though the grocery store was serving something that would do anyone any real harm. I understand that it's not exactly honest to be serving up bull privates and just shadily labeling it as "generic nothing to see here" beef. It might be too funky for some of us, but let's be real -- bull penis isn't going to make someone sick. 

Plus, you could make the argument that what the grocery store is doing is actually pretty responsible. Wait, wait, don't roll your eyes just yet! Isn't it a good thing to use all of an animal instead of just taking the more accepted pieces for eating? I think the restaurant should be lauded, not fined, for treating the meat they buy ethically. 

What do you think?


Image via just a prarie boy/Flickr

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