How to Make Cupcake Sprinkles in 6 Easy Steps (PHOTOS)

picture of cupcakes with frosting and sprinkles

You know those little sprinkles you add to the top of your cupcakes? They're not magic, and they don't come from the Sprinkles Tree. They're actually just powdered sugar, powdered egg whites, coloring, flavoring, and water. And guess what? You can actually make cupcake sprinkles yourself -- it's easy!

Maybe you want to create a custom color to match your party theme, or you want to make sure there aren't any funky ingredients in your food -- or you want a fun project. Here's how you DIY cupcake sprinkles. 

picture of cupcake with sprinkles on frosting

Sweet Emelyne's has a great video tutorial to show you how. But making your own cupcake sprinkles all comes down to 6 basic steps.

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nonmember avatar I.P. Freely

Now I love to bake and experiment with treats for my kiddos, but who on earth has time to make something as pointless as sprinkles? I feel accomplished when I get dinner on the table at a decent time! I'm sorry but this is the stupidest most conplicated recipe and process for a garnish. I'll just buy the crappy sprinkles if I need them that bad!

nonmember avatar Anonymous

Your hair is very pretty. But I was incredibly grossed out during the tutorial that while making food items intended for consumption you could not be bothered to pull it back. I like to cook and bake, and if I made a video my hair would be pulled back and not dangling over my shoulder. It's just good hygiene, like washing your hands.

Blues... Blueshark77

No way. If I was going to use sprinkles I would just buy them. Then again I'm not a sprinkle fan so maybe someone who really likes them would enjoy making them. 

I rarely pull my hair back while cooking. Guess I'm just nasty too. If people have short hair should they be wearing a hair net at home? 

Erin Butcher

yeah...i'm not gonna do that.  not for sprinkles.  lol

deepf... deepfryerdemons

I think it's funny how people think that this is too much work for sprinkles. It looks really easy to me. I think it's a great project for kids. I'm going to try making a paleo version with coconut sugar and fruit juices instead of water. I have some vanilla oil, so I can make fruity vanilla sprinkles!

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