How to Make Cupcake Sprinkles in 6 Easy Steps (PHOTOS)

Adriana Velez | Jun 13, 2014 Food & Party

picture of cupcakes with frosting and sprinkles

You know those little sprinkles you add to the top of your cupcakes? They're not magic, and they don't come from the Sprinkles Tree. They're actually just powdered sugar, powdered egg whites, coloring, flavoring, and water. And guess what? You can actually make cupcake sprinkles yourself -- it's easy!

Maybe you want to create a custom color to match your party theme, or you want to make sure there aren't any funky ingredients in your food -- or you want a fun project. Here's how you DIY cupcake sprinkles. 

picture of cupcake with sprinkles on frosting

Sweet Emelyne's has a great video tutorial to show you how. But making your own cupcake sprinkles all comes down to 6 basic steps.

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  • Mix Ingredients



    In a large bowl, combine:

    1 Tablespoon warm water

    1 Teaspoon Just Egg Whites (or 1 egg white)

    1/4 Teaspoon vanilla or almond extract, or other flavoring (optional)

    Mix together. Now add:

    2 cups sifted powdered sugar.

    Blend well until you have a smooth batter (as shown here), adding water a tablespoon at a time if you need it. Add food coloring and mix completely.

  • Fill Pastry Bag



    Insert a small (#2) tip into a pastry bag. Set the pastry bag tip-down inside a glass, then spoon the batter into the bag.

  • Pipe Out Into Lines



    Pipe out batter into thin lines on parchment or waxed paper. Allow to harden for at least 24 hours.

  • Chop Into Pieces



    Once your strips are completely dry, chop them up into even-sized little pieces. Store in an air-tight container.

  • Store Finished Sprinkles


    Here's a closeup of what these homemade sprinkles look like when they've been sliced into smaller pieces. They're longer than the store and bakery varieties you're probably used to seeing, but you can chop and dice them any size you want. Store in a lidded container until ready to use.

  • 'Sprinkle' on Your Cupcakes


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    This part's easy -- their name says it all! Just 'sprinkle' them on your frosted cupcakes and admire (then eat) your handiwork. You did it! We're proud of you.


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