Paula Deen Is Back But Her Fat-Laden Food May Not Be (PHOTOS)

paula deenHas something been missing from your life lately? Something you just can't put your finger on, something buttery that goes with sweet tea. Oh yes! Paula Deen is launching her own cooking network -- online. Do not search for your Paula fix on the tee vee. Nope, our lady of the deep fryer will be broadcasting via subscription Internet channel. And we can't wait. What kinds of decadent treats will she whip up for us, I wonder?

Oh man, I plum forgot. Paula's got the sugar. Now that she's revealed that she has diabetes, she's supposedly eating healthier now. What does that mean for her cooking channel, I wonder? Will Paula still be Paula? I shudder to think of what meals and recipes she'll start featuring now. Please tell me it won't look like this:


Image © Lynn Goldsmith/Corbis

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