​What Happens When You Boil Cola Could Change How You Feel About Drinking It (VIDEO)

colaThe video you're about to see contains graphic scenes of soda abuse. Sensitive viewers and lovers of cola may want to leave the room. I'm warning you, it's disturbing. Have you ever wondered what happens when you boil cola? One brave man dared to put this question to the test: Crazy Russian Hacker. He poured a 590-mL (20-ounce) bottle of cola into a pot and boiled it down to its essentials. Then, apparently out of a love of redundancy, he did the same thing with a liter bottle of cola. What he revealed could change the way you feel about your favorite drink. Are you ready?

OH MAH GAHHH! That's ... actually, that's not all that surprising. I think we're supposed to be horrified, but as someone who's reduced hundreds of sauces from wine, I was kind of like, yeah, that's what happens. You boil a bottle of wine and you're going to get a thick syrup like this. It's a kind of caramel, like a pot o' candy. It also looks like something that could trap dinosaurs. La Brea tar pits, anyone?

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But Crazy Russian Hacker's point is to show you how much sugar is in a cola. And it is a truly sick amount. The thing is, those 20-ounce bottles are supposed to be two servings, right? But everyone drinks the whole thing. And that's 69 grams of sugar. EW. Now we know what 69 grams of sugar look like. 

Hardly anyone is going to want to take a spoon and gobble up that tarry pot of boiled cola. But then ... that's why they water it down into soda. Because y'all like it better that way. Are you going to still enjoy that cola with that picture in your mind of what's really in it? I have a feeling this is not going to deter soda's most devoted fans.

Does this video change the way you feel about drinking soda at all?


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PinkB... PinkButterfly66

Absolutely not.  I like coke sometimes.  It is not a grocery staple and I indulge maybe once every few years.

justj123 justj123

Nope I use to be addicted to the stuff!! Weighted 325 lbs had gastric bypass surgery lost 180 lbs now I weigh 140!! Now I drink it every once in a while!! :)

there... theresaphilly

Let the fuck go, folks are going to do what they want. If you like coke drink it. I love cream soda and Starbucks and is very healthy and I am not going to give it up. 

nonmember avatar Sarah

OHNOHOWTERRIBLE. And I'm still gonna drink coke every now and then. There's a way to make every single food or drink look disgusting, whether it's boiling it, charring it, or not cooking it at all, you can make anything look horrifying.

I love coke, but I maybe have on or two cans a week. I used to drink a lot more but I've cut back on it since. A coke now and again won't hurt you. A few cans a day certainly isn't wise, but you just need to be sensible about it like everything else. Not that I'm comparing coke to something healthy like veggies or anything, what I'm saying is everything has a limit.

alexs... alexsmomma06

*sipping on a coke while reading this article" Hmmm, this tastes delicious!

Polis... PolishMamma2

Didn't change my mind, i wont touch that garbage.

Ann Snider

I just looked at my orange juice (Tropicana) and it has 22 grams of sugar per 8 oz. so for a 20 oz. cup, it has 55 grams - not much less than that Coke!

uriah... uriahadel

Nope still going to drink it:-)

judyn... judyneufeld

Have fun cleaning those pots.

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