6 Onion Secrets You Need to Know Now (PHOTOS)

chopping onionA lot of people don't like onions, period. They don't like chopping them, don't like cooking them, and they definitely don't like eating them. And who can blame you for not being a fan? Onions are kind of tricky. They release fumes that make you cry, they bite back, and sometimes they just seem to rudely take up space in your dish without really contributing anything yummy. It makes you wonder, why do we even bother with this vegetable?

Well, the truth is, onions are among the most misunderstood and abused foods out there. It's not them, it's us. We're not treating onions right! Here are 6 tips for cooking onions that could change how you feel about them. As for bad breath from eating onions, well, that one's still on you.


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