Bathroom-Themed Restaurant Goes Down the Drain

toilet restaurant closesWhelp. After less than a year in the game, L.A.'s Magic Restroom Cafe has officially pooped out and closed its doors to diner- and bathroom-lovers everywhere. In case you missed it, Magic Restroom was America's first bathroom-themed cafe. You heard me, this was an eatery designed to make you think about the bathroom and everything that goes on therein as you dined on food. Mmmmmm, sweet, sweet bowel movements. 

Is it surprising to anyone that this restaurant didn't make it in the world of food service? After all, the restaurant world is already intensely cutthroat. Few new eateries make it in the long term, and they aren't even places begging you to think about crap while you're eating chocolate mousse. Why did they even open this place to begin with? Well, we sort of know that. These bathroom-themed places are in fact pretty popular overseas. 


But themed restaurants are huge in other parts of the world that don't exist here! Exhibit Japan's mayonnaise-themed restaurants. I can't see an American audience getting into that in a big way. And if Americans aren't going to eat at a place dedicated to celebrating a condiment, why on earth would we hunker down at a place that served drinks out of urinals and desserts called something like 'bloody number two'? 

I consider myself to be an aficionado of all things odd, and even I would give this place a super wide berth. Doing kooky and wacky things with food is fine, but being reminded about what eventually happens to all the food we put into our body as we eat it? That's just repulsive. Give me a mayo-themed restaurant any day. Still, you'd think for the weird-factor alone, it might have thrived for at least a year with customers just coming to check it out and take photos. 

Are you surprised this place closed?

Image via DirtyBoxFace/Flickr 

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