8 Summer Party Hacks to Save the Day (PHOTOS)

Summer is just a few short weeks away, folks, which means: summer parties are right around the corner! There's nothing quite like taking the festivities outdoors and providing your guests with delish food, drinks, and entertainment in a natural setting. And, in keeping with the season's easy, breezy, laidback attitude, you absolutely need to memorize a few good summer party hacks that will keep the good times rollin' and cut your party prep time down to nearly nada.

From tips on how to create unique party refreshments to great decorating ideas, here are 8 hacks that will make your life easier and your party grander so that you, too, can actually enjoy the amazing bash you've thrown.


summer party hacks

Images via Sigrid Olsson/PhotoAlto/Corbis and ©iStock.com/lucop