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8 Summer Party Hacks to Save the Day (PHOTOS)

Food & Party Lisa Fogarty Jun 10, 2014

Summer is just a few short weeks away, folks, which means: summer parties are right around the corner! There's nothing quite like taking the festivities outdoors and providing your guests with delish food, drinks, and entertainment in a natural setting. And, in keeping with the season's easy, breezy, laidback attitude, you absolutely need to memorize a few good summer party hacks that will keep the good times rollin' and cut your party prep time down to nearly nada.

From tips on how to create unique party refreshments to great decorating ideas, here are 8 hacks that will make your life easier and your party grander so that you, too, can actually enjoy the amazing bash you've thrown.

summer party hacks

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Image via Food collection/the food passionates/Corbis

1Fruit Ice Cubes

Please pass the water, said no guest ever at a summer party. A more exciting, refreshing, and delicious alternative? Freeze blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries ahead of time and use them as ice cubes in drinks.

Image via Anouk de Maar/cultura/Corbis

2Lemon Shoo-Fly

Citronella candles are great, but here's a cheaper trick to keep pesky flies away: cut lemons in half, place them in pretty glasses, and sprinkle them with cloves. Make sure to put them out at least a half hour before you serve food.

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3Water Balloon Coolers

Water balloons aren't just good for getting back at friends and cooling off -- they also make for truly creative and colorful ice alternatives. Instead of chilling your white wine or alcohol bottles in a bucket of ice, fill up a cooler or two with frozen water balloons and let your bottles rest in them.

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4Labeled Mason Jars

What's not to love about mason jars? They're homey, substantial enough to contain quite a bit of booze, and perfect for your summer bash. Stick labels on each jar and throw some colored markers on tables so guests can label theirs for safe keeping.

Image via Cadalpe/Image Source/Corbis

5Flag Servers

This Fourth of July, put out adorable little flag toothpicks so guests can easily grab their pickles, cheese, and grilled kabobs.

Image via Images Money/Flickr

6Dollar Bill Bottle Opener

That darn bottle opener is never where it's supposed to be at parties, is it? Never fear -- you can get your guests' precious beer open with nothing more than a dollar bill. Simply fold the bill in half, roll it up tightly, bend it in half again, and go for that cap. You've created a gadget that will make you the hero at your party.

Image via Sims, Amy Kalyn/the food passionates/Corbis

7Individual Dip Cups

Admit it: sharing dips and chips with a roomful of strangers can be kind of ... unsanitary. Your germaphobe friends will sing your praises when you offer individual dip cups for each of your guests.


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