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6 Delicious Corn Recipes That Go Way Beyond the Cob (PHOTOS)

cornI love, love, love corn season. When I see the piles of bright green and yellow ears at my local market, I feel compelled to buy a bunch on the spot ... and I usually do.

While there's something oh-so-perfect about a simple ear of corn with just butter and salt, there are a slew of more interesting things you can do with it. Now that it's in season, it's the perfect time to celebrate the favorite summer staple and have a little fun in the process.

Check out these 6 tasty ways to prepare your fresh corn:




Image via Steve Depolo/Flickr; Image ©iStock.com/kjohansen

Image via Dennis Wilkinson/Flickr

1Corn Soufflé

Elevate the simple ear of corn into something fancy-schmancy with a corn soufflé. It's light, airy, and oh-so-delicious. This corn soufflé recipe has a bit of zing as well with added cheddar, bacon, and poblanos. It will be the hit of any dinner party.

Image via Amanda Toop/Flickr

2Corn Salsa

This side dish is delicious, refreshing, and very simple to make. You don't even need an official recipe. Just dice up some fresh corn, tomato, cilantro, finely diced jalapenos, and avocado. Voila! Corn salsa.

Image via tyle_r/Flickr

3Corn Chowder

There is something so comforting about a good bowl of corn chowder. You may think of it as more of a winter food, but this is a year-round delight, especially when you notice the difference between frozen and fresh corn. There's no contest. Bring on the comfort food. This recipe also has red pepper that gives a great added flavor.

Image via Gavin Tapp/Flickr

4Corn Fritter

OK, so yes, it's fried, but live a little. It's simple, tasty, and will take you right back to old school barbecues. The corn fritter is a small disc of delicious decadence. It makes corn on the cob look positively yawn-worthy.


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