Cinnabon Reveals the Sneaky Way It Gets You to Buy Its Rolls

cinnabonImagine yourself in a mall: What do you smell? It's most likely the scent of Cinnabon. To those who love it, it's not so much the smell of cinnamon or baked bread as the smell of gooey, sweet bliss. And it's nearly impossible to resist. None of us would be surprised to find out that Cinnabon tantalizes us on purpose. But you won't believe the crazy lengths the store goes to in order to beckon you with Eau de Cinnabon. Check out their 6 wicked strategies.


1. They're always in a mall or airport for a reason. Ever notice a stand-alone Cinnabon on the street? There's a reason for that. They're building in these high-pedestrian traffic areas because that's where the scent will linger and tempt.

2. They place their ovens near the front of the stores. That way the scent smacks you upside the head every time someone opens or closes the door.

3. There's almost always something in the oven. The chain bakes rolls at least every 30 minutes, and it's not just to keep a fresh supply. It's to keep that scent going. Some stores may even bake sheets of cinnamon and brown sugar because yummm.

4. They use only the weakest hoods. You know that apparatus that goes over your range or oven with the fan inside? Those are hoods, and they're usually much larger and powerful in commercial kitchens than in home kitchens. Franchise operators are told to use the weakest hoods they can possibly find (under their local regulations, of course) so as to minimize how much delicious smell gets sucked away.

5. They avoid competing scents. "We tend to stay away from garlic and onion," Cinnabon research and development manager Brenda McGranahan says. This is why we'll probably never see the return of the disaster known as "Pizzabon." Because nothing should compete with your luscious Cinnabon experience.

6. It's actually cream cheese frosting you're smelling. That's according to Cinnabon CEO Kat Cole. And now you can get that scent in a bottle, literally -- in Cinnabon-flavored vodka and Cinnabon air freshener spray.

Wow, fans don't stand a chance against this! Unless you happen to loathe the scent of Cinnabon -- in which case you're all too familiar with the way the odor clings to your clothes even after you've left the mall. The 'Bon spares no one.

How do you feel about that Cinnabon smell? Does it make you crave eating the rolls?


Image via Faruk Ates/Flickr

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