Customer's Wish for Waitresses to Show More Skin Is Granted in Best Way

potato skins There are so many stories about restaurant owners who won't go to bat for their employees. That's what makes this story so utterly refreshing. Daniel McCawley owns a restaurant in West Virginia called The Atomic Grill. But you don't need to head south of the Mason-Dixon line to discover whether or not the Grill is a cool place. What happened there just the other day is all the proof necessary!

It's really common for restaurant customers to write up what they think of a joint online. Sometimes what they have to say? Well, it's less than nice. In some instances, it's just plain awful. That's what happened here. When a patron (if you can even call the creep that) wrote a review online requesting that the waitresses at the Grill show more skin, McCawley gave him exactly what he wanted. It goes to show -- be careful, and very, very, specific, when you make lewd requests.


You see, McCawley had no intention of degrading his waitstaff that way. He wanted to put this jerk in his place. McCawley is a dad to a young girl himself, and the brother to five sisters -- so he has zero time for anyone thinking it's funny or cute to objectify women. Rather than lash out at the rude commenter, McCawley used his killer sense of humor to do good.

In response to the remark demanding more skin, he posted a photo of the restaurant's newest special: Loaded Potato Skins. Classic! Who doesn't love a pun? He also announced that proceeds from this dish would go to the West Virginia Foundation for Rape Information Services. Talk about having your cake and eating it too! Though in this case, I guess it's not cake, but potato skins. That'll teach this jerkish customer. Good for McCawley!

Do you think McCawley overreacted?


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